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Seized Diesel Injectors

Diesel injectors can seize in the engine, this is caused by several factors including corrosion, leaking injector seats, carbon build up and water ingress.  Many injectors seize so solidly into the cylinder head that they cannot be removed by the garage.

We can hydraulically and mechanically remove the seized diesel injector with our specialist equipment, without causing any damage to the cylinder head.

Note:  Some injectors have to be dismantled to be removed and will therefore need to be reconditioned or replaced before re-installation.

Some injectors will break off during the removal process and we cannot be held responsible for this, however in most cases we can remove the broken off injector and parts in situ without the need to remove the cylinder head.

Unlike other injector removal companies, we can deal with broken off injector retaining bolts.  We will remove the broken bolt in situ and all damaged threads restored to their original specification.