Services we offer

  • Siezed diesel injectors removed hydraulically/mechanically
  • Diesel injector testing on site
  • Injector seats re-faced in alloy heads in situ
  • Stubborn copper washers removed without damage to seat face
  • Broken diesel injector bolts removed and threads repaired back to original specification
  • On site fuel testing to check for contamination
  • Digital camera, which is able to go down a 4mm hole inside the engine and record images onto an SD card

Diesel Injector Testing

Common rail diesel injectors can be checked and tested on site (out of the vehicle). The injectors are tested for delivery, back leakage, spray pattern and start of injection through a range of different pressures and driving styles/operations.

We are the only company who can test diesel injectors on site.


Seized Diesel Injectors

Diesel injectors can seize in the engine, this is caused by several factors including corrosion, leaking injector seats, carbon build up and water ingress. We can hydraulically and mechanically remove the seized diesel injector with our specialist equipment, without causing any damage to the cylinder head.